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medical marijuana

Can Medical Marijuana Prevent You From Winning a Custody Battle?

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Last year’s Proposition 64 passage legalized the use of recreational marijuana in California, and medical marijuana has been legal in the state for over two decades now. But that does not mean that the use of recreational or medicinal marijuana will have no negative consequences...
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When Can I Get Spousal Support in California?

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Ending a marriage can create financial havoc for a spouse who has been at least partially dependent on the other spouse throughout the marriage. While this is of course the case after the divorce, this financial stress can begin as soon as one of the spouses decides to pursue a...
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Can You Modify Your Spousal Support Payment?

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Whether you are the person writing the spousal support check or the one receiving it after a divorce, you know that a monthly spousal support payment can have a huge impact on your finances. You may be struggling to make the payment or struggling to make ends meet on the amount...
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How are Individual Retirement Accounts Divided in a Divorce?

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When two spouses divorce, one of the key legal issues they will face is how to divide their assets amongst themselves. In California, divorcing spouses are free to reach a settlement agreement on their own (or through the help of a mediator) which is fair in light of California...
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Common Pitfalls in a High Net Worth Divorce

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Divorce is never pleasant or easy. Because your future is in the balance, the stakes are always high. This is especially true for high net worth individuals who are facing a divorce. When large amounts of complex assets are in play, the division of property can become confusing,...
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The Most Shocking Celebrity Divorces of 2016

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Celebrities are prone to the same issues in their marriages as the rest of us, and with every passing year, we hear about more celebrity marriages that end in divorce for one reason or another. Divorce is never a pleasant experience, but for those going through the emotional...
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Getting “Unhitched” Fast

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California state law allows for “no-fault” divorce, and was actually the first state in the country to allow no-fault divorce when Governor Ronald Reagan signed no-fault divorce into law, effective January 1, 1970. No-fault divorce makes a fast and legal dissolution of marriage...
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Moving Away With Your Kids Could Land You In Court

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There is possibly no more emotionally complicated experience in life than going through a divorce involving children. This can be made even more complicated where the custodial parent needs to relocate with the children following the divorce, resulting in the parents of the...

Why Young Families Need an Estate Plan

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Estate planning is simply the strategy one takes to ensure the optimal distribution of an individual’s estate upon his or her death, with a focus on retaining maximum value for beneficiaries and easing the cost, time, and stress of completing that distribution. An estate is the...
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What Are The Symptoms Of Abuse In Children?

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Complex family issues can develop when couples with children divorce. Joint custody arrangements don’t always allow for direct control over who is associated with our children. Former spouses make new friends, remarry, or find new “significant others,” and, sadly, abusive...