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Common Mistakes People Make During a Divorce

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A divorce can be amicable or it can be contentious with couples fighting over child custody, marital assets, and accusing the other of hiding assets or lying about misconduct that could affect the division of property and support payments. If you foresee a battle over a number of...

DUI Checkpoints weekend of 7-19-13

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Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints 7pm-1am – Silver Lake – Fountain and Myra Ave 7pm-3am – Pasadena – DUI Saturation Patrols   Orange County DUI Checkpoints 8pm-2am – Irvine – Bake Pkwy and Rockfield Bvld 9pm-3am – Garden Grove – Undisclosed Location   Other CA DUI Checkpoints...

How Do I Know It’s Time to Modify Child Support?

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At some point after you have been awarded child support, you might suspect or feel that it is time to consider modifying the support. Generally, you cannot request a change in modifying child support unless there has been a change in circumstances that justifies an increase or a...

California Guideline Child Support Calculator: What is it and How Does it relate to your Case?

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The California Guideline Child Support Calculator is a system that is based on a formula used to help determine child support. The California Guideline Child Support Calculator is used by individuals to determine or rather estimate the amount of child support that the court may...
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