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things to think about when considering a divorce

Things to Think About When Considering Divorce

Whether you’re contemplating a divorce filing or you’ve been served with papers, there are a number of items to focus on. Here is a quick summar of the two biggest concerns when dealing with divorce. Money If you have children and you made more money then your spouse then...
marital settlement agreement

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

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Like the name implies, a marital settlement agreement is an agreement between you and your partner or spouse that states your obligations and duties in dissolving your marriage. Most settlement agreements determine the division of property, assets and debts as well as physical...
for n 400 immigration

Form N-400

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For most individuals seeking naturalization, the main form to use is the N-400, which can be obtained either online from the US Citizenship and Naturalization (USCIS) website or from any immigration advocacy group or immigration law office. Before filling out the form, there is a...
what obamas immigration plan means for you

What is a Green Card and Who is Allowed to Get One?

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A Green Card is an authorization or proof of your lawful status in the US and allows you to work and receive state and federal benefits though you are not allowed to vote or exercise any other rights reserved for those with American citizenship. There are a number of ways that...
what happens to your home in a divorce?

What Happens to Your Home During a Divorce?

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Although it may be commonly perceived that your home during a divorce must be sold and the sale proceeds equally divided, that is not always the case. There are a number of options available regarding your home when dissolving a marriage: Get an Appraisal – The most...
child support payment

I’ve Had Enough With Late Support Payments and Visitation Problems–What Can I do to Make Him or Her Pay on Time?

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Often in the aftermath of a contentious divorce, a parent becomes lazy in making child support payments or in adhering to the visitation schedule. Your ex-spouse may be deliberately antagonizing you by not always providing the support payments on time or by “forgetting” that this...

This Marriage Was a Mistake – Can I Get an Annulment?

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No one really wants to go through with a divorce since it can be costly, emotional and it separates families and friends. In some cases, however, the parties can obtain an annulment of their marriage. An annulment is a legal procedure that declares the marriage invalid, or that...

Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints for 1-3-2013

            Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints 6pm-1am – Lakewood – undisclosed location 8pm-2am – Los Angeles – W Florence Ave & Broadway Inland Empire DUI Checkpoints Palm Desert – DUI Saturation Patrols Orange County DUI Checkpoints 7pm-3am – Rancho...
What are the Benefits of Applying for Deferred Action?

What are the Benefits of Applying for Deferred Action?

Deferred action for immigration purposes refers to the authorization of individuals who arrived in the U.S. as minors by their parents who were undocumented aliens. The program, also known as DACA or the “Dream Act,” gives low priority to these individuals for immigration...

DUI Checkpoint 11/22/2013

Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints 7:30pm-3am – Santa Fe Springs – Undisclosed Location 8pm-2am – Sherman Oaks – Ventura Blvd at Columbus Ave 6pm-2am – Hollywood – DUI Saturation Patrols Inland Empire DUI Checkpoints 6pm-2am – Ontario – Undisclosed Location 9pm-2:30am – Palm Springs –...