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Preparing For an Interview in a Marriage-Based I-130 Green Card Application

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One of the most common ways for persons to apply for a green card (permanent residency status) in the U.S. is through marriage to an American citizen. The U.S. government does seek to provide green cards to those who are lawfully married to U.S. citizens, and a valid marriage is...

Getting a K-1 Fiancé Visa For a Non-Citizen You Intend to Marry

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If you intend to marry a person who is not an American citizen and who is currently living abroad, and you intend to marry that person in the United States, you may need to obtain a visa simply to get that person inside the United States so that the wedding can occur. While your...
green card through marriage

Get a Green Card Through Marriage

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Obtaining US citizenship, or permanent residence status, is the goal of many immigrants who come to the US legally or illegally. Acquiring the green card, or permanent residence card, is the first step in eventually gaining US citizenship but these can be very difficult to...