We are a highly skilled law firm that provides personalized and attentive services to clients in legal matters regarding Family Law, Criminal Law, Immigration, Civil Litigation, and Estate Planning. Our primary office is located in the City of Whittier and we proudly serve the greater Los Angeles area.

Our Services

The Gastelum Law team has experience and knowledge in many different areas of law and can assist with any legal issue in the following areas:

Civil Litigation

When it comes to civil disputes, things can get ugly quickly. You need an attorney with courtroom savvy just as much as an attorney with strong negotiating skills. Whether your case ends up before a judge or jury, in an arbitral forum, or in the negotiating room, we get creative and are persistent. Getting the best results for your legal situation is the goal.

Criminal Law

You may have a tough fight ahead. A criminal charge, whether it's a misdemeanor or felony in Los Angeles, puts your reputation at risk. Your career and family also have a stake in it. We are fierce defenders of your rights and freedom. We investigate the facts. We discover violations of your rights. We build a criminal defense case that puts us in a strong position to fight the allegations.

Estate Planning

Estate plans aren't just for the retired. If you are working and/or have a family, an estate plan can benefit you. It's more than planning for the future–it's about taking control of your assets and your life today. We draft estate plans designed uniquely for each client. As life changes happen, we also revise estate plans to ensure they continue to meet your expectations and needs over the years.

Family Law

Family law issues can be a real emotional strain on our clients. Divorce. Spousal support. Child custody and support. Adoption. These are all things that keep you awake at night. We take care handling any and all family law issues. We are tenacious yet agile. We are persistent yet steady hands during times of conflict. We help you understand the legal ramifications of any decisions while putting your interests and those of any children first.

Our Team

The Gastelum Law team prides itself on our professionalism and wide range of legal services offered to our clients. We provide a level of dedication and professionalism that you do not always receive with larger firms. Our lawyers have the expertise and knowledge for all your legal needs.
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With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we are dedicated to the safety of our clients, attorneys, and staff. We are now doing case evaluations via Zoom to provide a safe environment for our clients while still discussing your matter face-to-face.
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