Civil Litigation

When it comes to civil disputes, things can get ugly quickly. You need an attorney with courtroom savvy just as much as an attorney with strong negotiating skills. Whether your case ends up before a judge or jury, in an arbitral forum, or in the negotiating room, we get creative and are persistent. Getting the best results for your legal situation is the goal.
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Civil Litigation

Civil Legal Cases

Civil cases involve non-criminal legal matters and cover many different types of law, such as business law, family law, estate planning, employment law, and personal injury.  Our attorneys are highly skilled legal professionals that work with dedication and determination when advocating on our clients’ behalf. Mr. Gastelum is a respected lawyer that has negotiated settlements ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. He is also a member of the Mexican American Bar Association, Whittier Bar Association and Legal Aid Society of Orange County. The staff at our firm come from various cultural backgrounds, and speak English, Spanish Farsi, Korean, and Arabic.  We have a strong commitment to workplace diversity and strive to create an office environment where clients will feel comfortable.

If you are involved in a dispute, or have questions regarding a civil matter, contact a California attorney at our firm to discuss your situation. We can provide useful information that can help you decide the best course of action to take and vow to listen intently to your concerns, and give you professional legal guidance.

Civil Litigation Attorney in California

Do you have a business matter that needs to be addressed?  Our firm represents clients in a broad range of issues regarding the formation of corporations and business entities, such as:

Choosing the right attorney to represent your rights and interests in a civil matter is extremely important and can influence how your case is resolved.  Our firm is well-versed in civil law statutes and can answer any questions you may have regarding your civil law matter.  Our goal is to resolve matters as effectively and efficiently as possible and we will provide unwavering legal support until the conclusion of your case.


Do you have a business matter that needs to be addressed? Our firm represents clients in a broad range of issues regarding the formation of corporations and business entities, such as:


Civil Litigations involve two or more parties enmeshed in a non-criminal legal dispute. Our litigators are determined to serve our client’s as advocates and legal advisors in these often oppositional matters.


We delve into every case with meticulous attention to detail. We will find any useful information that is beneficial to our clients.


No two cases are the same. We understand the need for diligence when collecting data against opposing parties.


In some cases, clients are entitled to compensatory damages. We promptly recognize these cases and bring them to your attention.


Civil litigation may lead to the need for an appeal. Our team is prepared to represent clients in this case.

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With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we are dedicated to the safety of our clients, attorneys, and staff. We are now doing case evaluations via Zoom to provide a safe environment for our clients while still discussing your matter face-to-face.
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