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Do I Need a Health Care Directive?

No one likes to consider their end-of-life care or what they would do when confronted with critical illness or injury. However, planning ahead and creating a health care directive for these situations can save you and your loved ones...

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class action lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuits: Seeking Justice for Mass Consumer Harm

Evidence that the system is rigged against individuals, or at least against individuals who are not fabulously wealthy, is...

Expungement in California: Clearing Your Criminal Record for a Fresh Start

The no double jeopardy rule means that, if you get acquitted in criminal court, the acquittal is forever. You...
employment law

Employment Law Litigation: Protecting Your Rights in the Workplace

Legal protections for workers are relatively few, especially when you consider the high aspirations that the labor movement had...
estate planning

Estate Planning: Securing Your Legacy with Effective Estate Planning

It is easy to procrastinate getting started on your estate plan, because it requires you to confront several uncomfortable...
child custody disputes

Child Custody Disputes: Understanding the Factors that Determine Custodial Arrangements

You and your ex-spouse might disagree about how you should divide your parenting time and what each of you...
spousal support in california

Spousal Support in California: Calculating Payments and Modifying Agreements

There is a lot of financial uncertainty that comes with a divorce. California is a community property state. If...
immigration law

Navigating the Complexities of U.S. Immigration Law

If, in a single day, you talk to ten different naturalized United States citizens, each one will tell you...
estate plan

Updating Your Estate Plan: When and Why You Should Review and Modify Your Documents

Making changes to an existing estate plan is a lot easier than starting with zero. For example, if you...
personal injury claim

Personal Injury Claims: Steps to Take for a Successful Lawsuit

An accidental injury can be very disruptive, but after you recover from your injuries enough to return to work,...
importance of a will

The Importance of a Will: Protecting Your Assets and Ensuring Your Wishes are Honored

It is not hard to find people in Los Angeles who are obsessed with money and status, but that...
dui defense

DUI Defense Strategies: Protecting Your Rights and Minimizing Penalties

California law defines driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) as operating a motor vehicle when your blood alcohol...
temporary custody

How to File for Temporary Custody in California?

The family law courts in California are generally not in the business of making hasty decisions.  In fact, whenever...

How is Alimony Calculated in California?

The divorce process is more streamlined in California than it is in most other states, with numerical guidelines instead...
negligent homicide, involuntary manslaughter

Is Involuntary Manslaughter the Same Thing as Negligent Homicide?

“Homicide” is the legal term for killing a person. Murder is a type of homicide, but not all homicide...
blue sky laws

Who is Exempt From Blue Sky Laws?

In principle, everyone knows to take the claims in advertisements with a grain of salt. When the advertisements are...
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