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Domestic Violence Charges

By working with an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Omar Gastelum and Associates, APLC, you will have a legal representative in your corner who will take all necessary steps to defend your rights.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence crimes have never been taken more seriously by local and state law enforcement. Those who are found guilty of violating California’s domestic violence laws face long prison times, fines, and damage to their reputation and potentially their career. Because accusations of domestic violence often involve conflicting stories on how a physical altercation occurred, or whether unlawful physical contact occurred at all, it is not uncommon for a defendant to be charged with a domestic violence crime when there are few verifiable facts to support the charges. Prosecutors, judges, and juries can take a very strict approach to domestic violence charges, making it important for a defendant to make sure that he or she has legal representation on their side.

The criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Omar Gastelum and Associates, PLC, are committed to defending the rights of those charged with domestic violence crimes to make sure that their side of the story is heard and their best defense is presented.

Domestic Violence Crimes in California

There is not one specific crime of domestic violence in California. Instead there are a number of crimes which might be considered a domestic violence crime when the victim is a spouse, dating partner, child, other family member, or housemate. These crimes include:

  • Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Child Endangerment
  • Child Abuse

Conviction for any of these crimes includes potential prison time. Furthermore, a conviction for a domestic violence crime will go on your criminal record and may permanently damage your reputation and hurt your career.

Defending Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges

Because domestic violence charges are so serious, a criminal defendant should take all necessary steps to protect his freedom and reputation at the earliest sign of an investigation. Many defendants are convicted based on unsubstantiated testimony, and accusations and charges are often the result of emotional reactions and unclear recollections of the alleged event.

Prosecutors are interested in one thing in bringing domestic violence charges: winning a conviction. Thus, it is your responsibility and yours alone to make sure your version of the events in question is clearly and convincingly presented to investigators and before a jury. Not all physical contact is criminal in nature, and self-defense is a complete defense to all charges in many cases.

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