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Drug Crimes

At the Law Offices of Omar Gastelum and Associates, APLC, our experienced criminal defense attorneys will work with you from the very start to reach a positive outcome: a dropped investigation, a dismissal of charges, a not guilty verdict, a reduced sentence, or an alternative treatment program.

Drug Crimes

Far from being a state that’s soft on drugs, state and federal authorities in California investigate and prosecute many thousands of cases each year, with suspects and targets facing years in prison, steep criminal fines, and ruined careers and personal reputations. And, in May 2017, the Attorney General of the United States announced a new policy to pursue maximum charges and maximum prison sentences against defendants in all federal criminal drug cases, a reversal of past policy. What this means is that the stakes are higher than ever for individuals being investigated and/or charged by local police, state law enforcement and sheriff’s offices, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), federal prosecutors, and other authorities. By working with the experienced drug crime defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Omar Gastelum, PLC at the first sign of an investigation or arrest, you can defend your constitutional rights, present your strongest defense, and work towards a favorable outcome in your drug charges.

Fighting Charges in all Drug Crime Cases

From the moment you contact our firm to commence representation, our seasoned criminal defense attorneys will pursue every available legal strategy to protect you from law enforcement overreach and minimize your culpability for all crimes related to all controlled substances (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy/MDMA, oxycontin, other opioids, methamphetamine, etc.), including:

  • Possession
  • Cultivation
  • Distribution and intent to distribute
  • Operating without a license
  • Transportation
  • Conspiracy
  • Aiding and abetting crimes / Accomplice liability
  • Solicitation
  • Supplying drugs to minors

Never Talk to Law Enforcement Without an Attorney

Many people under investigation for drug crimes make critical errors which can lead to a guilty conviction based on the following mistaken beliefs:

  • ERROR 1: Believing that demanding to have an attorney present when talking to police will make them look guilty
  • ERROR 2: Believing that engaging an attorney will not be cost-effective (hiring an attorney is far less of a burden than serving a long prison sentence)
  • ERROR 3: Believing that, just because drugs were not found in their possession, they will not be charged or found guilty
  • ERROR 4: Believing that they can talk their way out of an investigation

State and federal drug crime investigators have developed highly sophisticated methods for interrogating and investigating individuals to establish guilt, and many times when a suspect thinks he is “talking his way out” of an investigation without an attorney present, he is actually giving investigators everything they need to know to build their case. And, based on wide-ranging conspiracy and accomplice liability theories, prosecutors can pin charges on a suspect who was not found with drugs in his possession simply based on the information that person provides.

By engaging an experienced drug crime defense attorney at the first sign of an investigation, you will have a legal professional at your side during all police questioning to make sure your rights that are protected and that everything is being done to build your best defense.

Fighting For Your Best Possible Outcome in Your Drug Case

If you have been placed under arrest or are under investigation for marijuana or other narcotics in California, it is important to work with criminal defense attorneys who will fight for your rights.

Contact the Law Offices of Omar Gastelum and Associates, PLC today to get your best defense attorney.

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