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Property Distribution in a California Divorce

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One of the most significant issues in any California divorce is the distribution of property between spouses. Typically, this issue has the largest overall impact on a spouse’s final divorce settlement, which is why it is critically important that you receive your full share of...
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How to Win a Child Custody Case in California

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Child custody is often one of the most stressful and emotional issues that is decided in a divorce, and sometimes parents cannot agree on what custody arrangement is best for their child. If the issue of child custody goes to litigation, it is critical that you have an...

Obtaining an Increase in Your California Child Support Payments

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Child support payments are intended to last from the time that you and the other parent of a child live separately from one another (which may be from the child’s birth if you were never married) at least up until the child reaches the age of majority, which is usually 18 years...
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Can a CA Prenuptial Agreement Be Changed or Cancelled After the Wedding?

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Prenuptial agreements have been steadily gaining in popularity over the years, as more couples preparing to get married see the agreements more and more as a positive way to protect both spouses from the expense, drama, uncertainty, and stress of a drawn-out divorce trial down...
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Are Prenuptial Agreements Legal and Valid in California?

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Whether you have a prenuptial agreement in place or are considering entering into one (which could be based on your own idea or your fiance’s), an important question is whether such an agreement is actually legal and valid under California law. If the prenuptial agreement is not...
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How to Ask for a Divorce

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One of the hardest parts of getting a divorce – at least from an emotional perspective – is simply having the initial conversation with your partner in which you present your plans to seek a divorce. Many people wait months or years, or simply never take the steps...
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What NOT to Include in Your California Prenup

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Creating a prenuptial agreement in California does not have to be difficult, and it is in fact a far simpler way of addressing legal matters related to the marriage than waiting until a couple decides to divorce and trying to address them in the contention and stress of that...
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When Can I Get Spousal Support in California?

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Ending a marriage can create financial havoc for a spouse who has been at least partially dependent on the other spouse throughout the marriage. While this is of course the case after the divorce, this financial stress can begin as soon as one of the spouses decides to pursue a...
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Can You Modify Your Spousal Support Payment?

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Whether you are the person writing the spousal support check or the one receiving it after a divorce, you know that a monthly spousal support payment can have a huge impact on your finances. You may be struggling to make the payment or struggling to make ends meet on the amount...
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How are Individual Retirement Accounts Divided in a Divorce?

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When two spouses divorce, one of the key legal issues they will face is how to divide their assets amongst themselves. In California, divorcing spouses are free to reach a settlement agreement on their own (or through the help of a mediator) which is fair in light of California...