Five Tips to Reduce Stress Related to Divorce

In the complicated web of human relationships, many know very personally, and certainly very statistically, that a great number of marriages will end with a divorce. When it becomes your own reality, or the reality of close friends and family, remembering that a good many have gone before, have learned strong lessons, and are eager to share wisdom and pitfalls, can really be helpful through one of life’s tougher events. There are ways to add comfort during crisis.

Walk in a place you love

If you find yourself daydreaming about walking along the beach, and you happen to live in Southern California, well guess what? You have beaches. Go there. Make your daydreams come true. If you’ve been putting off that visit to your favorite museum, take a drive and walk through the galleries. Or if you’ve never explored the many parks and gardens of Los Angeles, consider these top places for a true dose of stress reduction.

Speak with an attorney

It’s understandable to wish we did not ever need a divorce attorney in Los Angeles to settle such personal matters pertaining to the romantically entangled worlds of marriage and divorce. However, speaking with an attorney helps you keep your life organized, no matter which way the breeze takes you. An unbiased voice hired to counsel you legally is an important step in reducing stress. The emotional strain of divorce sometimes clouds our better judgment, and that scenario doesn’t help our own cause, or support the needs when children and dependents are involved. An attorney creates a legal balance when emotions become unbalanced.

Join a Meetup Group

The internet has powerfully united our opportunities to connect with others, both people we know, and strangers coming together for common interests and needs. Sure, there are plenty of

divorce support groups in Los Angeles, and those can be incredibly valuable in reducing stress. But websites like also open the possibilities to what we all need a good dose of during trials: fun. If you are a soccer fan, you’ll find your people with a few clicks. If you love vampire novels, you’ll be among friends. Friendly people help reduce stress. Go find them. They are looking for you as well.

Tell Your Story

Smart phones and tablets provide many ways for you to get out what feels stuck inside. Recording apps allow you to create and catalogue an audio journal. Getting your personal story out there, even to yourself, and reading it, or hearing it read back to you, can ground you in the experience and help reduce your levels of stress. If taking actual pen to page is not your thing, most devices come with dictation to take your spoken word and do the writing for you.

Start something new

A divorce does signify an ending. If Seneca got it right, then, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” would be wise to heed. Start a new job, take a new class, reach out for a new friendship, read a recommended book. Starting something new creates new possibilities, and helps to eliminate stress by occupying your body and mind with new projects.

Many beginnings can go the distance, but should you be at the end of one of yours, or know someone who is, a Los Angeles divorce attorney can provide resources to answer your questions and help reduce further stress. Contact Gastelum Law today for further divorce assistance.