How An Immigration Attorney Can Help Reunite Your Family

There are a number of ways an immigration attorney can help reunite your family.  While there are many opportunities in the United States awaiting travelers and immigrants all over the world, it is often times at the expense of family separation.  However, through a seasoned immigration attorney, you can be reunited with your family in just a matter of time.  When practicing immigration law, a lawyer will discover a number of situations where family member are separated from each other, leading to feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety and fear (even when the separation is anticipated).

Assistance with Visas in Los Angeles

Many people travel to the United States with immigrant and non-immigrant based Visas.  Some examples of Visa holders include:

  • Tourists and Travel Visas – this type of Visa is available for foreign travelers to the United States for short visits, for example tourism, vacation, visiting family and friends, or medical treatment, staying 90 days or less.  An entire family can usually travel with a tourist Visa
  • Employment based Visas – available for approved petition based on temporary employment in the United States.  With the exception of Cultural Exchange Visitor Q-1 Visa applicants, spouses and unmarried minor children may also apply for the same visa category as you to accompany or join you.
  • Business Visas – this type of Visa is available for foreign travelers coming to the United States to conduct temporary business (such as business meetings, consultations, attending conventions and conferences, negotiating contracts
  • Study and Exchange Visas – available to a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States as a teacher, professor, summer work travel, and other exchange participants accepted for approved programs.
  • Immigrate Visas – available to foreign citizen seeking to immigrate generally must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident immediate relative, prospective U.S. employer.

While some Visas allow for the accompaniment of family members, others do not, which is why it is important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney, especially if the goal is to be reunited with family members.

Cancellation of Removal

In some instances, there may be family separation based on an immigrant’s exposure of being removed from the U.S. because of violating certain laws.  This can potentially separate family members on a permanent basis.  Cancellation of removal is available once in a lifetime to permanent residents facing deportation.  An experienced immigration attorney will successfully file a cancellation of removal petition, reuniting family members.

Bond Hearing Services for Immigrants

In the event a family member is in ICE custody and facing deportation, a skilled immigration attorney will request a bond hearing and are often successful on getting an immigrant being held in ICE custody released, allowing for a family reunion.


The Gastelum law firm are an experienced group of immigration attorneys.  The process of reuniting family members through the immigration process is complicated and time consuming, but with the help of an experienced immigration firm, such as Gastelum Law, the chances of being reunited with your family is increased.  Do not hesitate to contact us today for a consultation.