How to Select the Right Immigration Attorney in Los Angeles

When searching for the right immigration attorney in Los Angeles, there are several things one should keep in mind:


Los Angeles is one of the most diverse metropolitan cities in the world and an attorney practicing immigration law in this region should anticipate that the majority of his/her client’s primary means of communication will be in a language other than English.  As such, the right immigration firm in Los Angeles will house a diverse group of attorneys as well as other legal professionals, who will speak a number of different languages, including but not limited to: Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin/Cantonese, and Urdu.  These agents will serve as representatives from the various social and cultural groups that heavily populate the Los Angeles community.


When selecting the right immigration attorney years in practice will be one of the key elements to look for.  Immigration law, regulated by the United States Federal government, is a very expensive, complex, time consuming, frustrating area of law with many rules, procedures, deadlines, and filing fees.  It is important to select an attorney who is familiar with the law, forms/petitions, and the various requirements of the government.


There are so many different facets of immigration law, and part of selecting the right immigration attorney is to determine whether he or she is well versed in all the different aspects of immigration rules and procedure.  The different issues that arise when practicing immigration law are:

  • Citizenship – many people around the globe have dreams of becoming naturalized citizens.  This process is a delicate one and should be administered by an experienced attorney
  • Permanent Residency – also known as a green card holder
  • Visas – this could be based on work, or family; however, there are numerous types of Visas and the filing for any of them takes the special skill of a knowledgeable immigration attorney
  • Adjustment of Status – available to those who would like to change their status from a Visa holder to a green card holder, or a green card holder to a citizen
  • Asylum – for those who fear being tortured if they return to their home country
  • Cancellation of Removal – for those who are exposed to deportation, but have lived in the United States as a permanent resident

The Gastlum Law firm is a well known and respected Los Angeles based immigration firm.  Immigration is a very specialized area of law, requiring expertise and skilled attorneys.  The Gastelum law firm is happy to assist you and/or your family with any and all of your/their immigration needs.