Resources for Divorcees in Los Angeles

Anyone who goes through a divorce and is not emotionally affected by it is either severely emotionally detached or brain dead. Divorce is difficult on men as well as women and we often need the support of family, friends and others to help us cope with our new reality. Friends and family, though, may not always be available or even sympathetic, so exploring other resources may be beneficial if you are seeking support and live in the Los Angeles area.

Support Groups

There are a number of support groups for divorcees that meet in person at homes, cafes, restaurants, hikes or other venues. For example, there are the following:

There are also numerous online support groups like CafeMom that a single mother can access to exchange thoughts and feelings and to commiserate with others. Similarly, there are groups for men only and may be run by sympathetic female therapists who are sensitive to the needs of men going through a difficult divorce.

It is always helpful to know that others are experiencing the same trauma as you and to share methods of coping, or just to say that they know what you going through and that you can and will persevere.  Sometimes, knowing that someone’s divorce experience is worse than yours is strangely comforting. If yours is worst, then there are people who will give you advice, refer divorce attorneys, or simply listen to you while you unleash on them all of your feelings and thoughts. 

Marriage Therapy and Counseling

If there is one city in America with an abundance of divorce therapists and counselors, it is Los Angeles. With so many to choose from, how do you find one that you can connect with and who will listen and help you during this difficult time?  Go to a support group or an online group and ask for referrals. Many divorcees or those people in the divorce process have received or are receiving counseling and therapy that they can refer the ones whom they like.  Ask friends or coworkers who have divorced about counselors they used or know about who have shown that they are helpful.

Do not discount therapists or counselors who are apprentices or getting their hours before becoming fully licensed. Often, they are young, eager and more attuned to your age group or experiences. They charge less too.  Find one or several who are nearby and meet with them first to see if you are compatible with them.  This is a person with whom you may seeing and talking to for many months, or years in some cases, so find a therapist with whom you feel a connection at least.

Counseling and therapy is not just for the divorcees. Children are often significantly impacted by divorce, though they may not express their feelings in ways that you understand or notice. Consider finding them a child therapist or counselor as well. You will know that your children are suffering if grades start dropping, they become withdrawn, or act out by engaging in destructive behavior. By having your children talk to a therapist once per week or every other week, you may prevent this from happening.

Find a Divorce Lawyer in Los Angeles

Along with numerous support groups and therapists dedicated to divorcees and children of divorce, there are divorce lawyers who are essential in the process. Men and women have equal rights in a divorce and their obligations to their children are the same as well. Of course, there are disparities in income, education, earning capacity and net worth between the parties, but ensuring that your rights are protected and that your circumstances are considered in a custody, support or property dispute means having a competent divorce attorney on your side.

There are numerous ways to find and retain a divorce lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and who will give you competent representation:

  • Referrals from friends, family and coworkers. Again, the people closest to you know you and can tell you if they were happy with their divorce lawyer or if the attorney opposing them appeared extraordinarily competent.
  • Review the attorney’s biography on their web site if you are given a referral or consult the Martindale-Hubbell directory for divorce attorneys in Los Angeles. You can review their educational background, publications, legal organizations, community associations and interests, social or recreational, that may appeal to or resonate with you.
  • If you have an attorney for another matter such as probate or business or a financial counselor, ask him or her for a referral. Very often, other professionals can steer you to a very competent attorney whom they know personally or have worked with in the past.


At The Law Offices of Omar Gastelum and Associates, you will find the divorce attorney who fits all of the above and more. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to aggressively fight for your rights while seeking to resolve any disputes you may have with your spouse without the need for endless and costly litigation. Contact our offices today for an interview and consultation so we can fully assess your situation and give your case the attention it deserves.