5 Things An Immigration Attorney Can Do to Help You

  1.    Avoid the long waits.

One of the biggest complaints of those going through the immigration process is the incredibly long wait times for each step of the process. Some immigrants who have applied for green cards have waited five or more years for the process to be completed. This long wait can not only be straining on the immigrant, but also his or her entire family and support system. Some immigrants can’t even work while waiting for their green card, which puts extra financial strain on the process as well. Although the process is regulated completely but the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an experienced immigration attorney can help you avoid long waits and be a strong contact between you and the USCIS.

  1.    Avoid separation from family.

The second largest complaint of immigrants going through the immigration process is the possibility of separation from family. Sometimes only one spouse is permitted to stay in the country, sometimes only the children are permitted to stay, and sometimes, due to financial concerns, the family must split up. Naturally, splitting up a family causes unnecessary extra strain. All of these situations can be avoided with the help of a well-trained immigration attorney who knows which visa or green card process will reduce or eliminate the possibility of your family needing to part for any amount of time during the immigration process.

  1.    Avoid extra fees and delays due to incorrect forms or filing.

Aside from the generally long wait times, the immigration process can take even longer to complete if the immigrant fills out the wrong forms or does not provide the proof requested by the USCIS. Also, re-filing forms and extra time delays can cost the immigrant more money, adding to the strain already inherent in the long wait times. An immigration attorney will know all of the correct forms, how to fill them out, and where to file them so that any time delays and extra financial costs can be avoided.

  1.    Gain control over the process.

Many immigrants complain that the most frustrating part of the immigration process is having no control. Most feel as if they are at the mercy of the USCIS, which weighs on them psychologically. It is already stressful enough to be going through the immigration process, with your citizenship status on the line, no need to add to it by feeling as if you are under someone else’s control. Having an experienced immigration attorney on your side can not only give you the confidence that you’ve gained control over the process, but the attorney can actually help you gain control over your visa or green card application process.

  1.    Get correct and up to date information about the process

Lastly, many immigrants feel as if they just don’t understand the process or what is required of them. Feeling like you don’t understand what is going on can be stressful and of course delays your case if you fail to complete required steps due to lack of information. Consulting with an immigration attorney can help you get informed and will also be an excellent resource as questions about the process continue in the future.

If you are applying for citizenship through the USCIS, contact the experienced immigration attorneys at Gastelum Law today to avoid any delays, frustrations, or hassles in your case.