How to Meet with A Divorce Attorney in Secret in Los Angeles

If you’re contemplating divorce, it is important that you meet with a divorce attorney who can walk you through all of the options for divorce in Los Angeles. You might consider secretly meeting with a divorce attorney in Los Angeles because you’re not ready to speak to your spouse about divorce yet. Or perhaps you’re in an abusive situation and fear telling your spouse you want a divorce. While meeting with a divorce attorney without your spouse’s knowledge can be tedious and troublesome, there are reasons you may want to keep your meeting private.


Here are some tips on how to keep your meeting secret:

  1. Develop a code name for the attorney and the law firm. Using every day names and places will help to keep your real purpose private while allowing you to speak about your plans with others or use the code names to steal time for yourself to meet with the attorney.
  2. Always schedule calls and take unexpected calls in another room, when possible. If you don’t want your spouse to suspect a secret meeting, you need to plan calls so they fit your schedule and don’t arouse the suspicions of your spouse. Also make sure that if you do take a call, that you move to a room where your spouse cannot hear the conversation.
  3. Alert your attorney to the need for secrecy. The meeting with your attorney and any other communications you have with her will be confidential and cannot be disclosed to your spouse. However, if your attorney is alerted to your need to keep your meetings a secret, they can better meet your needs and schedule.
  4. Don’t search for attorneys or other related subjects on your home computer. It would be best to search for attorneys on a friend’s computer or at a public computer station. Your internet browsing history is searchable. Be mindful of this if you do not want your spouse to find out about your secret meeting by pulling up your search history.
  5. Create a new email address. Many email sites allow you to create your own email address for free. Doing this will keep all of your plans completely secret and prevent any possible mishaps. (Just make sure you are sending emails from the correct address if using a smart phone, as the default email account will usually be used).
  6. Use separate funds for any expenses associated with the meeting. While most attorneys will gladly meet with you for free the first time, you may have parking or commuting expenses associated with the meeting. Any expenses that show up on a joint account could give you away.


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