What are the Most Common Reasons to Modify Child Support in California?

The purpose of child support is to ensure that a child’s standard of living is maintained at both parents’ homes and both parents are responsible for financially supporting their child until adulthood. However, in the months and years after an initial child support order is filed, circumstances may change for one or both parents that necessitates a modification. At The Law Offices of Omar Gastelum and Associates in Los Angeles our experienced child support attorneys are here to help with your support modification case. To learn more, call or contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Substantial Change in Circumstances

In order to be able to modify child support terms in California, the parent making the request must be able to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the initial child support order was issued. The court considers the change substantial if it is permanent, material, significant, and involuntary. These circumstances must not have been known at the time of the initial support order and not of a parent’s own volition if the substantial change is regarding a decrease in income.

Common Reasons to Modify Child Support

Although there are many reasons why a parent may request a modification of child support, some reasons for the request are more common than others. Some of the most common causes for a modification of child support in California that rise to the level of a substantial change in circumstances include the following:

  • Permanent job promotion or demotion
  • Permanent termination of employment
  • Obtaining employment
  • Significant inheritance by a parent
  • Increases in the child’s needs due to disability, injury, or illness
  • The child has reached adulthood or otherwise disqualifies for support
  • Parental disability, illness, or injury that results in a decrease of income, and more.

There are also many reasons that do not qualify for a modification of child support despite changes to parental finances or the child’s needs. Some of the most common rejections for a modification of child support include temporary job loss or temporary illness or injury of either the parent or child. A temporary increase in expenses for the child, such as orthodontics, also does not typically necessitate a modification for support, although parents are encouraged to split these additional costs in a fair and equitable manner. To learn more about what reasons may qualify for a modification of child support in California, talk to our office today.

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