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dealing with antagonizing ex spouses

How to Deal with Antagonizing Ex-Spouses

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Marriage or intimate relationships can be wonderful thing. Having a special person in your life whom you love, care about and for whom you would do most anything to please enriches us and makes us who we are. Unfortunately, too many marriages end in divorce and many of those are...
child custody after divorce

Child Custody After Divorce

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When your divorce is over and the marital settlement agreement has been signed and judgment has been entered, you can settle into your routine as either the custodial or non-custodial parent. You may not have agreed with the custody arrangement or the time sharing schedule, but...
child support fathers rights

A Father’s Guide to Child Support

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Child support refers to payments that a noncustodial parent must pay to the other parent if the parents are separated or divorced in order to help with the financial expenses incurred in raising a child. In many cases, the father is the payer since the mother is typically the...
resources for divorcees and people going through divorce in Los Angeles

Resources for Divorcees in Los Angeles

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Anyone who goes through a divorce and is not emotionally affected by it is either severely emotionally detached or brain dead. Divorce is difficult on men as well as women and we often need the support of family, friends and others to help us cope with our new reality. Friends...

The Legal Steps to Getting a Quick Divorce

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The steps to getting a divorce in California vary depending on the duration of the marriage, if minor children are involved, whether substantial marital assets are involved and if the divorce is amicable.  Obviously, if you and your now estranged partner are in agreement on the...
marital settlement agreement

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

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Like the name implies, a marital settlement agreement is an agreement between you and your partner or spouse that states your obligations and duties in dissolving your marriage. Most settlement agreements determine the division of property, assets and debts as well as physical...
what happens to your home in a divorce?

What Happens to Your Home During a Divorce?

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Although it may be commonly perceived that your home during a divorce must be sold and the sale proceeds equally divided, that is not always the case. There are a number of options available regarding your home when dissolving a marriage: Get an Appraisal – The most...
child support payment

I’ve Had Enough With Late Support Payments and Visitation Problems–What Can I do to Make Him or Her Pay on Time?

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Often in the aftermath of a contentious divorce, a parent becomes lazy in making child support payments or in adhering to the visitation schedule. Your ex-spouse may be deliberately antagonizing you by not always providing the support payments on time or by “forgetting” that this...

This Marriage Was a Mistake – Can I Get an Annulment?

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No one really wants to go through with a divorce since it can be costly, emotional and it separates families and friends. In some cases, however, the parties can obtain an annulment of their marriage. An annulment is a legal procedure that declares the marriage invalid, or that...

Common Things Couples Fight Over in a Divorce

Each divorce is unique but there are some things that divorcing couples commonly fight over when their marriage is dissolving. Division of Marital Property Couples have to decide first what property is considered marital. Any property acquired during the marriage is considered...